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behind trees for me

Did you know that it takes ten trees to support one life?

We did not, and this is what prompted us to start this initiative to help plant trees around the world
​Trees For Me is a non profit created with the mission to support and sustain life on this planet.
Our goal is to ensure that for every living human being, there are ten living trees.


A person needs oxygen from at least ten trees to survive a lifetime. We take Earth's biome and trees for granted. Our symbiotic relationship with trees is seen as a given without any effort to sustain it. Unfortunately, there aren't nearly enough trees in the world for everyone. And we intend to change that.

At Trees For Me, we like to believe that every tree planted creates a better life. Join us in our pursuit to fill the world with green, ten trees at a time. 


10 tree sponsors

Dr. Sujata Naik, NJ, USA

Mary Algoo, NJ, USA

Srividya Ramamurthi, CA, USA

Sundari Rao Arni, NJ, USA

Urmi Battu, NJ, USA

Rahul Khona, CA, USA

Meena Gurumoorthi, NJ, USA

iReikiNow, NJ, USA

Manju Dontamsetti, NJ, USA

ATT Oasis Foundation, NJ, USA

Dr. Harpreet Bagga, NJ, USA

Loveleen Sidhu, NJ, USA

Sowmya Parthasarathy, NJ, USA
Guru Ramamurthy, NJ, USA
Hari Kandadai, London, UK
K S Parthasarathy, Chennai, India
Anand S Elayavalli, NJ, USA
Santosh Jayaram , Mumbai, India
Beenu Govind Rao, London, UK
Varsha Rajan, NC, USA
Anuradha Ganesan, Washington D.C., USA
Jeyashree Sridhar, Hyderabad, India
​Aryan & Kabir Rajanikant, NC, USA
Raksha Rajan, Dubai, UAE
Aashna Ashok, NY, USA
Sumi Chakraborthy, NY, USA
Aruna Krishnamurthy, MA, USA

Trisha Kavalai, NJ, USA


who we are


Harini Rajesh

I am a junior at South Brunswick High School, New Jersey. Since elementary school, I have always been fascinated about the earth and the sky and would look up every night to try and learn more about our planet. Hearing so much about global warming as a child, I was intrigued about the Sun's impact on trees, and in correlation, to the health of our planet. This led me to found Trees For Me, planting 10 trees at a time to help sustain our world. 


Anvita Gurumurthy

As a senior at Ridge High School in New Jersey, I have an avid interest in sustainability and a passion for our wonderful earth. Nature has always been a core part of my life, and I have constantly been hearing about the dire danger our earth is in since I was a child. This spurred me to do my part to help the environment. As the co-founder of Trees For Me, I am excited to plant trees, fostering a sense of sustainability that will have a positive impact on our world for current and future generations.

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