Trees For Me 

Ten Is All It Takes

Our mission

Did you know that it takes ten trees to support one life?
We did not, and this is what prompted us to start this initiative to help 
plant trees around the world

Trees For Me is a non profit created with the mission to support and sustain life on this planet.

Our goal is to ensure that for every living human being, there are ten living trees.


A person needs oxygen from at least ten trees to survive a lifetime. We take Earth's biome and trees for granted. The symbiotic relationship with trees is a given without any thought to sustain it.


Unfortunately, there aren't nearly enough trees in the world for everyone. And we intend to change that. At Trees For Me, we like to believe that every tree planted creates a better life. Join us in our pursuit to fill the world with green, ten trees at a time. 


Our Projects

Vinisha for Kolkata

Aug 18, 2019

"Trees For Me partnered with our organization in Kolkata, India to plant saplings at Liluah Railway Colony. A good number of saplings got a new home on 18th August, 2019 making it special for everyone who became a part of it. A huge thanks to Anvita & Harini for their efforts. Wishing them more success."

-Ramesh Chandran / Founder - Vinisha For Kolkata

Chinmaya Vrundavan, Cranbury, NJ Tree Project

June 11, 2020

"Thanks to Chinmaya Vrundavan Ashram in Cranbury, we planted 25 Eastern redwood tree saplings.  A special thanks to Mr. Subba Tholeti for collaborating and coordinating this project with us. Click on the video below to see the 25 trees we planted!  Hoping to see them grow and bloom in springtime!


We have planted over 350 trees in India, and are currently engaged in projects in New Jersey, Germany, China, and Singapore to do more.

"We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no 'plan B' because there is no 'planet B'"

- Ban Ki-moon


Sowmya Parthasarathy, NJ, USA

Guru Ramamurthy, NJ, USA

Hari Kandadai, London, UK

K S Parthasarathy, Chennai, India

Anand S Elayavalli, New Jersey, USA

Santosh Jayaram , Mumbai, India

Beenu Govind Rao, London, UK

Varsha Rajan, NC, USA

Anuradha Ganesan, Washington D.C, USA

Jeyashree Sridhar, Hyderabad, India

Aryan & Kabir Rajanikant, NC, USA

Raksha Rajan, Dubai, UAE

Ashwath Ashok, NY, USA

Amit Ashok, NY, USA

Aashna Ashok, NY, USA

Sumi Chakraborthy, NY, USA

Tejas Kaushik, NJ, USA

Aruna Krishnamurthy, MA, USA

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Washinton D.C, USA

V.V. Sridhar, Hyderabad, India


All it takes is $10 for 1 tree!  

Show us your support and send in your donations

$10 for planting 10 trees 

Pledge your support for planting trees! 
Send us an email:
 You can send us your contributions via venmo to @treesforme



Harini Rajesh

 Hi, I am currently an eighth grader at Crossroads South Middle School. Since elementary school, I have always been fascinated about the earth and the sky. I would look up the night sky and try and locate the planets and stars. My curiosity for life on earth led to the founding of his initiative to help sustain our world. I am a student learning classical dance. I love swimming and I am a dog lover.

Anvita Gurumurthy

I am currently a ninth grader in Basking Ridge, I was born and raised in Germany. As a child, my teacher used to take my class on nature walks in the woods. Through these walks I learned a lot about nature, and was inspired to find a way to improve the current condition of the Earth. I am excited to be a co-founder of this initiative and plant trees across the world to support and raise awareness of the environment.

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