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8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During the Pandemic

Tomorrow, April 22nd, marks the second Earth Day we will all be celebrating in the midst of a pandemic. Although it can be easy to overlook this day given the situation around us, celebrating Earth Day safely and distanced is much easier than you may think! Below, we have compiled nine different ways to celebrate Earth Day and help protect our planet while protecting yourself from COVID-19.

Join these virtual Earth Day events!

At , you can find a variety of live events to attend and join a community of green-minded people in celebrating this amazing day!

Go on some virtual field trips to appreciate nature!

Though COVID-19 restrictions are slowly loosening up, it can still be difficult and unsafe to travel to your favorite nature spots. That’s why this website has compiled a list of beautiful virtual experiences that will take you all around the world to appreciate every corner of this wonderful Earth. The trips include: Palau’s coral reefs, China’s forests, Peru’s coastal ecosystem, the Emerald Edge, and more! The website is educational as well, and provides resources to learn more about these habitats.

Go hiking!

If a virtual field trip just isn’t enough to fully take in the wonders of nature, hiking is the perfect alternative. Hiking can be fun to do on your own or in a small group, making it safe and easily doable. This activity can expose you firsthand to beautiful views, and chances are there are many hiking trails close to your home.

Volunteer at a local environmental organization!

Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to volunteer at a local organization aimed at protecting the environment! Many organizations plan events for Earth Day, such as planting trees or picking up trash, and offering your services is a great way to make an impact.

Eat green for the day!

In our last blog post, we discussed how to maintain a sustainable kitchen and diet, and cutting out animal products like meat and going vegan is a key step. This is due to the sheer amount of carbon emissions that come from the production of these animal products. While going vegan may not be feasible on an everyday basis, Earth Day is an ideal opportunity to live that way, at least for one day.

Start a compost bin!

At this link, you can find a simple guide to composting and how to get started with it. Composting is an effective technique to reduce your household’s impact on climate change overall, and can be a fun process as well, all done safely from your home.

Find sustainable companies to support!

So many of the products we consume on a daily basis have played a part in warming up this planet. While we all do our best to reduce our own personal impact on the Earth, it is equally important not to support anyone or anything else’s harmful practices. That’s why finding sustainable, green companies to support is so crucial to our Earth. Check out this link, which has a list of over 200 eco-friendly brands to support.

Plant a victory garden!

At this link, you can find a guide to beginning your own Victory Garden! Join the growing community of Climate Victory Gardeners by planting your own garden with the simple steps provided.

Learn about the history of Earth Day!

The first Earth Day occurred in 1970, and in the 51 years since, the environmental movement has grown into a monumental force. The official Earth Day website has a page for you to learn all about the history of this day.

Plant trees with Trees For Me!

Trees For Me is an initiative intended to help individuals balance out their impact on our Earth. Over our lifetimes, we each use up the oxygen of ten trees. If all of us plant ten trees each, we can significantly reduce our footprint! With Trees For Me’s sponsor-a-tree program, $10 is all it takes for one tree, and balancing out our impact becomes incredibly simple. We have already planted 410 trees, and will be planting over 1500 this year. Check out our projects here. Visit this page to become a contributor today!

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1 Comment

Pooja Krishna
Pooja Krishna
Apr 21, 2021

Fantastic ideas, Anvita!

Love what you both are doing to conserve the Earth, one tree at a time. Kudos!

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